1. where  

    can you get a haircut with your dining dollars?

  2. Anonymous  

    That method of payment won't cut it.

  3. Speling

    He was probably wondering wtf "dinning" means.

  4. what an idiot  

    thats not even funny. that's just lame. who was the tool that wrote this?

  5. ugh  

    I had to come into the comments to find out why this was funny because my brain didn't know dinning was an acceptable spelling for dining. Spelling counts, even on facebook!

  6. it's clearly  

    someone's parent.

    "Spelling counts, even on facebook!"

  7. ugh  

    The point is all humor of the story was lost by the fact that "dinning" is not pronounced "dining". Tell the story out loud to a person and say dinning instead of dining. See? Not funny. I know why it was supposed to be funny. It is not funny, because the facebooker cannot spell.

    And to answer your question, I arrived at Columbia by train.

  8. Seriously  

    Bwog's done it before too. Why do people misspell "dining" as "dinning"? It makes no sense.

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