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Bwog has received word that the QuAM balloons were just set free by “two masked men.”  Get on it, Public Safety.

Update, 5:15 PM:  Superior Inflatables Correspondent Jon Hill spoke to QuAM table staffers.  The “masked students,” who “looked like undergrads,” fled in opposite directions.  “They were pursued, but they were too fast.”

In addition, the balloons reportedly cost a good $400.

quam balloon fall away 

Photo by Arnold Park

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  1. Ballon?  

    What is a ballon? Also, check yo' grammar.

  2. ...  

    wtf masked men?!
    what about the environment??

    • wait, really?  

      or are you being facetious?
      granted bwog doesn't give a lot of context here but the freeing of balloons (even rainbow-colored ones, even for an explicitly gay event) does not a hate-crime make. granted the mask bit is pretty weird, but this still sounds resoundingly 4th-grade-prank-esque.

      And like #12 says, the allusions to freedom/liberty/openness and other positive stuff from letting balloons sounds like the polar opposite of a hate crime

      ... a love crime?

      • Anonymous  

        *letting balloons go

      • Actually it kind of is...  

        Destruction of property pretty obviously targeted against a specific minority group? Sounds like a pretty textbook hate crime to me.

        • I see what you're saying  

          but, this isn't really destruction in much of a traditional sense of the word. Yes, the end result is the same -- the student group doesn't have it's (apparently expensive) property. But releasing balloons doesn't have the same hate-crime-type malice or destructiveness that even popping the balloons would have.

          Maybe the law supports your assertion -- I'm not at all qualified to say -- but viscerally, this does not feel like a hate crime.

          • My visceral sensation  

            is to feel that you seriously need a life. I would guess the law's on my side.

          • yeah...  

            if you're going to try to sound smart by using the word visceral (albeit in a very awkward/forced context), at least try to get the difference between "its" and "it's". thanks.

          • you're so right...  

            now that I know I can't prove how smart I am by using the first 4-syllable word that comes into my head in my bwog comment - & proving my intelligence is of course the only reason I post on bwog (*albeit* a colossally douchey one) - I know now to just take a page out of your playbook, correcting syntax and reminding people of those pesky conjunction rules. That'll show em how smart I am

    • Surfin' UWS  

      You should be hunting truffles with that snot.

  3. Kanye  

    yo guys who set the balloons free, i'm really happy for you, and i'mma letchu finish, but the Westboro Baptist Church are the best homophobes in the US

  4. Wtf

    It kinda looks like a gay swimming sperm cell

  5. ALERT

    Um, Bwog? Kelly Choi and Frank Bruni are at the J-School tonight...GET ON IT

  6. what did  

    we ever do to you?

  7. ahh  

    they cut the balloons! I guess I can't be gay anymore, damnit.

    • no..  

      you were liberated from your earthly shackles and you're now free to be free! The sky is unlimited, you're floating on cloud nine, blue skies heading your way, space the final frontier etc etc.

  8. Hah  

    "Defying Gravity" is a particularly apt tag in this case.

  9. stealing balloons?  

    thats soooo gay

  10. in another interpretation

    Those balloons weren't being cut - they were being set free, released from the shackles of a society and a university that ignores their needs and their rights. Perhaps the masked men were LGBT crusaders who feel that all colored balloons have a right to float to the altitude of their choosing.

    Or maybe a couple of douchebags just thought it would be funny to cut the line on a couple hundred balloons.

    • Anonymous  

      Free the balloons! Every day millions of innocent balloons are harvested by corporate pigs, forcibly filled with gas until nearly bursting, and shackled in exposed places. I am not surprised that the balloons fled the scene after such mistreatment. Columbia needs to become a balloon safe space, then university would not be a target for BLF (Balloon Liberation Front) radicals, if not we may be witnessing '68 all over again. I'm very disappointed that a "civil rights group" would not extend their ideology to their hot air filled fellows.

  11. Anonymous  

    I'm just glad someone caught this on camera. I think this is really cool.

  12. Igg  

    The rare deed that can be accurately described as "dastardly".

  13. 400?  

    I need to get into the balloon arch making business if that cost $400 bucks.

  14. and  

    who wasn't thinking about cutting those balloons free? it was so tempting.

  15. First...  

    they came for the flashy rainbow balloons, but I did not speak out for I was not a flashy....

  16. at least  

    they felt the need to be masked when doing something homophobic at Columbia.

  17. justice

    1. i have no idea if it's a hate crime, although it was clearly directed at a particular group (in this case, the Queer Alliance)
    2. it's inarguably douchebaggery, not just dastardly, and no funnier than a bully curb stomping a kid and taking his ice cream. if you do disruptive things that interfere with the actions of people in power who are oppressing you, it's clever guerrilla warfare and you should be proud of yourselves. if you do it to disrupt an event organized by a group that's often oppressed, you're just a goddamned douche and there's nothing to be proud of there. fact.

  18. ...  

    of course the balloon scandal generates three times the bwog comments as the uigur leader's visit.

    • but of course  

      the body of internet users has no interest in matters of consequence, but rather is only amused by utter balderash. you see, we are not a businessman on a distant planet.

  19. ...

    the picture looks like a signal, like one that president bollinger would throw up in times of distress to summon everybody's favorite superhero, the pink golfer.

  20. Sooo....  

    Any chance the Giant Inflatable Penis will come back this year?

  21. Confused

    since when do bullies curb stomp kids for ice cream? must be a rough neighborhood.

  22. ...  

    you know something is terribly wrong when you live in one of the most exciting places in the world, yet somehow the most exciting thing to happen all day is reading about a couple of childish, mildly homophobic, likely affluent and guaranteed to be painfully ordinary "pranksters" setting the gay balloons free.

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