Football Pounds Princeton, 38-0

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Yesterday, we pointed out that the last time Columbia won its opening Ivy League game of the season was at Princeton, six years ago. That game was a close 33-27 win; this time, the Lions sent a message to the rest of the Ivy League with a 38-0 stomping of the Tigers, in Princeton. 

The contest remained close during the first half, with Columbia’s two longest drives ending on downs. But crucial fumbles by Princeton in each quarter gifted Columbia a 9-0 lead going into the halftime break. Then, five minutes into the third quarter, cornerback Jared Morine picked off Princeton’s Tommy Wornham, and returned the interception 51 yards for a touchdown and (with a two-point conversion) a 17-0 lead. From then on, it was showtime for Columbia’s offense, which put together three successive drives ending in touchdowns, providing the rest of the 38-point margin.

On the stat sheet, quarterback Millicent Olawale was 14 of 27 for 207 yards and two touchdowns, and Olawale and running back Ray Rangel led a Lions rushing attack that provided 183 yards on the ground. The defense held Princeton’s quarterback to just 135 yards (and only 11-36 on attempts), and also had its first Ivy shutout since 1998. More sports results to follow later, but for now, strike up the fight songs!

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  1. props  

    I'm speechless but nonetheless......props

  2. Roar!

    This is only the third time we've beaten Princeton on their home turf since 1945, and who knows the last time we shut them out. Well done, Lions! Go celebrate tonight but remember to prepare for next week.

  3. alum

    Go Team! Did we get some good freshmen or something?

  4. hurrah!

    and thank you bwog for a great headline!

  5. Ryan  

    Congratulations, Lions!

  6. Sean  

    Go Lions! Keep the momentum going for Homecoming!

  7. Cliff  

    OH YEAH! Go Lions! You guys rock!

  8. wow  

    congrats! keep it goin to pound penn!

  9. sweet deal!  

    Congrats, guys!

  10. Is it because

    Princeton is really bad? Or are we actually good this year?

    • I wish  

      it was because we're really good, but Princeton was absolutely horrible. Seriously, the people working at the stadium kept saying how bad they are this year.

      That being said, the Lions really took advantage of it and shut them out.

  11. I hate Princeton so much  


  12. fuckin right  

    way to show those pretentious bastards

  13. look  

    at this:

    Columbia is number one in the Ivies right now.

  14. yesss!  

    i actually read the article twice and then double-checked to make sure it wasn't April 1.

    this is what you get for killing alexander hamilton.

  15. Varun

    So glad to see football is off to a great start! Nice coverage, Bwog. GO LIONS!

  16. I'm feeling  

    kind of school spirited. What?!

  17. too bad

    Now the campus tour guides won't be able to joke about the sorry state of the football team.

  18. feeling  

    super proud! I can start to care about football again!

    • Apparently  

      a lot of people. But I'm definitely with you. More like "now I have to pretend to care about football" than "now I get to care about football again". Still glad for the team though.

  19. Woot!

    Long may Columbia stand,
    Honored throughout the land,
    Our Alma Mater grand,
    Now and for ay!

  20. yes  

    FUUUUCK PRINCETONNN wish i was there to see those motherfuckers fall. ROOOOARRRRR LIIOOONS

  21. FUCK YES  

    Way to be boys

  22. YESS  


  23. ...  

    i love those boys so much. congrats!

  24. I've never seen  

    so many positive comments on Bwog. Go Lions!

  25. roar lions!  

    keep up the good work!

  26. Anonymous  

    Great job Lions!!!! Lets beat the Quakers at Homecoming!
    Roar Lions Roar!!!

  27. Swee Awesome Job

    They mentioned in passing that Columbia won on local news. I was pretty pumped about that but when I found out it was a blowout, I couldn't believe it. I think this victory is significant for all other athletics programs.


  28. alumCC

    ROAR LIONS ROAR -- awesome job to all the guys on the team!

  29. OMG  


    Well done boys!! You make us proud.

    and LOVE the headline.

  30. Kenny  

    Such sweet revenge after how close we came last year to beating the Tigers at Homecoming. It's only one game, but it does make us undefeated so far in the Ivy League...

  31. One Lone Lion  

    For the record, it's "Roar, Lion, Roar." SINGULAR. One Lion. If we can't get our own fight song right...well it speaks to the overall state of athletics here more than anything else, I suppose.

    But seriously, y'all, the important thing is that the sentiment is there. Great job, team, and good luck against Lafayette!

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