Now You Wish Your Mom Had Made You Stick With Those Piano Lessons

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Get some class(ical music) with your free food this afternoon, thanks to your talented classmates in Columbia Classical Performers. CCP is putting on its first concert this afternoon, starting at 3, in the “relaxed and intimate setting” that is Lerner C555.

Bwog wonders what kind of food will accompany this dose of high culture- red wine grape juice and brie, anyone?


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  1. Extra Pair of Ears  

    Reporting: CCP's first concert was a modest success with 3 pianists serving out galloping renditions of the Romantics, an amusing interlude of Classical Indian Mandolin music, two Bach suites/partitas and the Lachen verlent by Esa Pekka-Salonen that was so inconvenient to turn pages for, that it stretched its way across three music stands.

    Outshining all of these brave attempts were the Molasses Spice Cookies baked by the wonderful Rosalind Parry, CC'10.

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