Calling All Stargazers

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Astronomers, gather ’round! Although you may not be able to view the stars from Pupin anymore,  you can do the next best thing at the “From Earth to the Universe” exhibit on the Butler lawns, running for a week starting this Monday.

Besides a showcase of celestial pictures that lines the lawns, the exhibit features live Columbian astronomers available to answer questions you may have about the mysteries of the universe, a telescope for stargazing, and best of all, free NASA stuff. 

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  1. true fact:  

    there was a huge argument about how these might be a legal liability and whether Columbia or the people who made this traveling exhibit would have to take responsibility for people falling/straining their necks looking at this. What's come to our world?

  2. OMG  

    This is like the best thing ever. Oh, and Jim Downie sucks.

  3. zomg  

    Johnny is the greatest astronomer known to man.

  4. astronomers

    ...do it at night.....

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