Bwoglines: Out With The Old Edition

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smart carQueens seizes the chance to tear down a Great White Oak older than Columbus before tree-hugging hipsters make Astoria the new Williamsburg (NYT). 

The football team learns to protect their balls (Spec). 

New York Senators side with Obama and want Bloomberg out (NY1). 

Empty pockets force Columbia to abandon its dreams of conquering Morningside (Spec).

Yarmulkes come back in style as Bryant Park replaces the Fashion Week tents with a Sukkah (CityRoom). 

 Yankee Stadium hosts an open Victoria’s Secret casting call, teenage boys everywhere declare it the Happiest Place on Earth (HuffPo).


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  1. huh

    douglaston has nothing to do with astoria.

  2. huh?

    "Democrats side with Obama, want Bloomberg out..." Huh? I haven't read the attached article yet, but that is one curious headline. Since when did President Obama declare his opposition to "Mike," whose endorsement or at least withdrawal of prospective presidential candidacy he so pointedly sought last year and whose friendship he so putatively courted? As far as I've heard thus far, Obama is loathe to support anyone else, at least insofar as or as long as the consensus is that no one else will win. Because he is, like his "buddy" in the city, a consensus builder and popularity seeker above all. He will abandon almost any principle or party or person (and granted these are not the same things) if popularity commands it.

  3. bwog post fail  

    nytimes.com front page has an article about how obama is ignoring thompson.

    obama and bloomberg are buddies

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