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old macsCCSC and ESC both canceled their weekly meetings because of board retreats, but SGA is still around to keep the student government machine rollimg. Nikhita Mahtani reports.

Monday’s SGA meeting had a special guest, Carol Katzman, the new head of IT at Barnard fondly dubbed “VPK.”  VPK apparently just couldn’t bring herself to leave the ivory tower: she began by joking that she has “been involved with higher education since college!” She continued to ask students’ opinions about so-called ‘hot buttons’, which sparked a discussion about students’ IT problems. Some of the main issues brought up included greater wireless access, wired networks, dining, clubs, and money, with all suggestions passed along President Debora Spar.

SGA is also to meet with Barnard’s Board of Trustees next Wednesday.  The meeting will now only be between the students and the board, without any administrators attending, to facilitate more in-depth discussion. Plans have been made to discuss Barnard’s new college ranking policies. Barnard was ranked 30th under liberal arts colleges by U.S. News last year, before which it hadn’t been ranked. This causes concern for many students, some for whom the ranking would have influenced their decision to come to Barnard.  U.S. News also inadvertently entered into the fray of the eternal (well, at least twenty-six-year-old) Columbia-Barnard debate, not noting Barnard’s relationship to Columbia in the rankings.  Some expressed concern that Barnard is little known as an independent institution, but the U.S. News still ranks it as one.

SGA’s Ecorep Liaison, Illana Krakowski, also stopped by to encourage all Barnard students to ask for recycling bins in doors. For those sick of Hewitt fare, there is also a potluck dinner on Oct 15th at 6pm in Sulzberger Lobby, as well as Hewitt’s annual Harvest Dinner, on Oct 28th at 6pm, and both should be delicious. For those clubs willing to take the time and effort to be more environmentally friendly, there is also a Club Sustainability Tip Sheet available, which gives you several ways to “go green!”

Amy Chen, VP of Student Activities, also had good news to offer Barnard sorority sisters: they will have a graduate assistant to advise Greek organizations on Barnard’s campus! 

October 21st is also Barnard’s ‘Women in Science’ town hall; all those who have an opinion about the Science requirement are encouraged to attend, especially those who like this requirement (such strange ones do exist).

Nostalgia set in with your reporter when the final topic turned to SGA’s Breakfast in Bed event, where SGA students will go around the quad giving breakfast to first-years on October 27th. And as if free food weren’t enough, SGA was also quick to point out that Millie the Bear would be present. First years, get ready for a whole lot of dancing and pancakes, while the rest of you BC students can watch in envy, or, better yet, try to steal leftovers.

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  1. umm  

    i dont go 2 barnard

  2. finally!!!!!

    proof that barnard is way more inferior than columbia hahahahahaha
    so u girls need to stop complaining bout graduation in the gym since ur #30 and stop pretending you go to columbia as well

    • you are a moron  

      Barnard has been ranked in other publications for a while now. And 30 is a pretty good rank for a small women's college. Besides, rankings don't mean much anyway and... Oh God, why bother, you are just an idiot.

    • Well...  

      I think the question of rankings has been raised because Barnard is evaluated as if literally nothing else existed other than what is offered directly on campus. This is not comprehensive at all, as anyone who actually goes here knows. Plus, Barnard is clearly at the top of the 7 Sisters, not the bottom. Completely stripping away the university does not make any sense IMHO... it seems U.S. News (the system in general?) is lacking in much-needed flexibility. Oh, and "finally!!!!!"--- you may have your proof that Barnard is WAY MORE INFERIOR than Columbia but please don't stop taking classes over here... I love having that one douchebag in each of my lectures... I bet that's you :)

      • Well, we  

        take barnard classes to boost our GPA's. You sound like a typical bitter barnard girl.

        • true  

          I don't really have an issue with Barnard tagging onto Columbia, it's really nice to have that many more classes to choose from, which are generally smaller sized too. That said, Barnard classes are definitely GPA boosters - do the different schools each have their own grading policies/standards?

  3. hahahahahahaha

    i love you number 5, ya we only use you guys for the things we couldnt get anywhere else: i won't mention em but you know what im referring to lolol

  4. Ryan Mandelbaum  

    Barnard girls give better head.

    (not that I deserve any)

  5. whoa whoa  

    US News better not EVER rank Barnard with Columbia. If you pull us down, I will be SO pissed.

  6. haha

    you just proved my point #3 that you barnard girls settle for the thirtieth best schoo...you are correct, that may be pretty good in the feminist liberal save the world school rankings, but for the rest of us trying to go places in our life, id be embarassed to be the 30th best liberal arts school in the nation

    and to the girl who said you are "clearly" at the top of the seven sisters, would probably help to look at the rankings as Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Wellesley, Vassar, Smith all rank above you hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    So for anyone who says #30 is good for a small women's school please look at the rankings and all of the small liberal arts women's colleges that come before barnard

  7. i don't understand...  

    why barnard's been ranked below so many schools with a less selective admissions rate.

  8. green  

    Good Lord was this post incoherent.

  9. BC alumna

    I took Columbia classes to boost my GPA. Always got A's in those classes...

    • cc '11  

      i've noticed that the few barnard classes i've taken proved to be tougher in terms of grading -- i guess it's due to the smaller class size and the fact that grade inflation is basically non-existent at barnard. i've had poli sci courses at columbia where the curve was insane (not that i'm complaining)...if you got 50% of your exam wrong, your grade was a B. that most definitely did not happen in any of my barnard poli sci courses...

  10. sht up

    cc11 n1 cares ur spsed 2 be on our side

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