Bwoglines: Fight the Power

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Residents raise hell as developers of a new midtown skyscraper raise the bar to the height of the Empire State Building. (WCBS TV)

Priests in Brooklyn and Queens withold wine during mass, succumb to divine power of the swine flu. Will The Abbey follow suit? (Daily News)

Someone should fight for the right to hot chicken noodle soup for those with swine flu, Barnard students say. (Spec)

ESPN notes that football fought the power and won on Princeton’s own turf (ESPN)

NYU study says that calorie information provided by fast food in compliance with labeling laws doesn’t necessarily help beat the urge (Gothamist)

Pedicab fights cab driver in what shall come to be known as “The Throwdown in Midtown” (Gothamist)



  1. The Columbia  

    reference in the ESPN article is at the bottom. Reproduced below:

    Non-Obscure College Score of the Week: Columbia 38, Princeton 0. In football, Columbia is the Ivy League's perennial doormat, 3-17 over the past two seasons, while Princeton is a recent Ivy champion. Plus the game was at Princeton!

  2. Dude  

    What's this? Columbia Football getting a mention on ESPN that's not related to the 44 game losing streak? Incredible!


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