Introducing 116: Your Varsity Show Creative Team

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Named this day, the leaders of the 116th Annual Varsity Show! Plus some biography, For Your Info, courtesy of the outgoing producers. Congratulations all!

Director: Ameneh Bordi – past president of CU Players, currently directing XMAS and co-directing/creating reImagined.

Producer: Cody Haefner – asst. producer of V114 V115, currently co-producing XMAS and The Secret Garden, Wien RA.

Producer: Ajit Pillai – technical director of V114 V115, currently co-producing reImagined.

Writer: Peter Labuza – film writer for The Spectator.

Writer: Patrick McGuire – writer for the Jester

Composer/Lyricist: Evan Johnston – composer, current musical director of Bat Boy,  featured in Compose Yourself this semester, part of the band Capital, Blue and White contributor.

Composer/Lyricist: Matthew Star – composer, currently composing for XMAS, work featured in Compose Yourself this semester, part of the band Capital.

Choreographer: Meredith Kirk – dancer of many different styles, currently co-choreographing XMAS.

Art Director: Cayle Pietras – Art Director of V114 V115.

Be sure to offer your high five soon, or you may just lose track of these creative comrades until they emerge from hibernation in May.

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  1. anti parade rainer  

    well i love you all!! yeyyyy v116!!! toasts all around.

  2. Wow  

    This team is baller. I think we are in for a really good show this year!

  3. yes yes yes!  

    Congratulations! This is a killer squad.

    Ameneh, Ajit, and Evan -- special shout out to you!

  4. Woohoo!  

    I am so psyched for this? Ajit? Ameneh? Peter? Matt Star? AWESOME.

  5. Anonymous  

    PATRICK!!! he is hilarious and is perfect for the varsity show. omg omg i can't wait!

  6. Congrats

    to everyone on the 116 Creative Team!! Can't wait for the show!

  7. Enjoy it while you can  

    This is the last time anyone will ever say something nice about you on bwog.

  8. you should know  

    that matt star is one of the most amazing and talented people on this damn campus. no doubt, he's going to kick some ass.

    rock on matt!

  9. yay!  

    patrick!!! he is the best.


    Go McGuire!
    McGuire #1!

  11. star effer

    I am totally in love with matt star.

  12. star  

    light star bright

  13. Evan  

    is brilliant. Somebody please clarify regarding Matt Starr; I've only seen him make an ass of himself in Tommy last fall.

  14. Nobler  

    Congrats McGuire!

  15. another smug columbian

    I could write better than all these fucks, especially Starr and McGuire

    Student works are always crap

  16. another smug columbia  

    yeah, you're right, Starr is just a better human being than I am.


  17. another smug columbian  

    well that obviously wasn't me, but she's so correct it doesn't even matter.

  18. Theater Kid  

    WHOOO! Congrats Matt and Evan. Your music is freakin' amazing! (lets get some groove in V-show!) And congrats to Cody!

    Also, @ Enjoy it while you can, lol.

  19. yay  

    and yay for cayle! his art direction in last year's show was so effing amazing. can't wait to see what he comes up with as a part of this team!

  20. SO EXCITED  


  21. cayle

    is so talented!!!!!!!

  22. YAY

    Cody Haefner! He could coproduce me, any day.

  23. p-admirer  

    PLABUZA 4 LYFE!!!!!!

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