1. also  

    it seems as though little known stalking tool #1 lionlink is no more

  2. idea  

    bwog, I think you should host online forums for discussion. Lots of times people want to rant/rave/debate stuff that has nothing to do with the news of the day that you're posting and the comments section becomes a sort of informal forum anyways. With an established part of your web site devoted to this, important discussions that usually go on in the comments section (e.g. debating the merits of the Manhattanville expansion, are Barnard chicks all lesbians, etc.) could have a place to continue, long after a particular post's comment thread has disappeared into obscurity

  3. damn it  

    if it were still out I'd have a lovely excuse for why this paper proposal has no sources listed...

  4. Anonymous  

    Why pay 4.99 per minute for psychic advice when you can get anything you are searching for under one dolla per minute?

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