In Which We Kindly Request You Invade Our Fellow Ivys

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There’s no better way to experience that wonderful feeling known as school spirit than by laying a nice smackdown on a fellow Ivy league school. Unfortunately, not everyone can play football. Still, starting tomorrow, you can defend Columbia’s honor on the game board, in GoCrossCampus’s third annual All-Ivy War. The strange concoction of Risk, internet, and nerdy ridiculousness goes down in a surprisingly delicious (and harmless) way.

Last year, despite a numerical disadvantage, Morningside’s sharpest military minds masterminded a respectable 2nd place finish (including a thoroughly comprehensive destruction of Brown). Play starts tomorrow, and the more people who sign up, the more armies available to defend fair Alma, so report today!

– Photo: jon_a_ross/Flickr



  1. nobel

    Columbia alum wins Peace prize!

  2. Wow  

    A Nobel-prize winner! We should get him to speak on campus!

  3. zomg  

    i'm so glad gxc is back! now I have another procrastination tool! yesss

  4. sign up!  

    get in the game, people!!

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