(Not) Free Food: Kimchi, Cassoulet, and an Identity Crisis Waiting to Happen

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Tired of constantly having to choose between Le Monde and Mill Korean for a viewbook-worthy ethnic meal? Columbia’s French Cultural Society and Korean Students Association have teamed up to solve all your problems with Parisian Seoul, a sit-down and/or take-away dinner with both French and Korean specialties. For drinkers of the world, the event will also feature free wine, soju, and beer.

Parisian Seoul will take place from 7 to 10 pm on Ancell Plaza, the elevated courtyard between EC and SIPA. Bring an open mind.

Update, 6:12 PM: Whoops, our bad.  It’s not free after all.  $5 for a small plate and $8 for a large.  The first commenter below informs us that the alcohol is free.  It’s probably rationed as well.

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  1. kimchi_crepe  

    btw, the food isn't free

    Small Plate: $5
    Large Plate: $8

    but alcohol is free!

  2. yum  

    also, no cassoulet, but amazing quiche!!

  3. congrats  

    to KSA and FCS, sooo good!!!

  4. surprised...  

    that it was a pretty good event. good job i guess

  5. sof  

    more events like this please

  6. hungry

    sad i missed this.

    also, everything karen kwan is involved with is amazing. what a loss for sga.

  7. random

    karen kwan is hot. saw her having drinks with calvin sun a few weeks ago. hope she's not dating him.

  8. pss

    i hear she gives good head

  9. if only sarkozy  

    would have a baby with rain...

  10. omg  

    i hate president lee. get his criminal face out of my sight!

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