Bwoglines: Lucky Us

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Supplies of the regular flu vaccine are running low in some parts of the country. Good thing the patient patients among us were vaccinated on Tuesday. (NYT)

Unlike these two Rutgers grads, we don’t have to deal with the perils of the real world, yet. (NYT)

 A cartwheeling subway rider gets a good old-fashioned beating from MTA officials. Wait, what? (Gothamist)

“This is uncomfortable.” With robberies on the rise in the Village, an ex-Morningsider second-guesses her decision to leave. (NYPost)

Students of “University of Havana, North” should be pleased- Fidel congratulates Obama, sort of. Speaking of lukewarm endorsements(Reuters/Daily Intel)

Not so lucky for us: The 1 train will be skipping most stops between 96th and 42nd this weekend for maintenance. (Gothamist)

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  1. it has come to this  

    Bwog now gives information on the subway schedule. WHAT HAPPENED?

  2. umm

    why is it so unlucky to have the 1 train skip 42nd-96th? do columbia students have anything to do in those streets anyway?

  3. actually  

    it's lucky for us. It's like taking all the express of the the 2 or 3 trains, but without the messiness of walking back from 116th/Lenox through Morningside park!

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