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That’s probably because everyone loves bikes – you’d be hard pressed to find a cooler eco-friendly, transportation-providing accessory. Turns out the Upper West Side loves bikes, too. After receiving an anonymous tip, Bwog’s detective squad found a new reason for excitement for local bike enthusiasts – Community Board 7 has officially approved the Dept. of Transportation’s proposal to add bike lanes to Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.

Though the details of the D.O.T.’s plan remain a mystery, Bwog assumes that the bike lanes mentioned in CB7’s Oct. 6th resolution will run the length of CB7’s jurisdiction – from Columbus Circle to 110th street. Will bike lanes soon grace our own little stretch of Amsterdam? Hard to say, since attempts to contact our own CB9 have yielded naught, and the ‘Resolutions’ and ‘Meeting Agendas’ sections of the CB9 website appear conspicuously empty. But we’ll update as soon as CB7 gets back to us.


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  1. there's absolutely  

    no point to bike lanes in the city, taxis will drive across all lanes regardless of how they're marked, and asshole drivers will do close passes as usual since it's 'funny' to them.

  2. biker  

    i kinda like dodging the taxi's - makes the biking a bit more exciting

  3. To all

    as a bike commuter, this is great news!!
    Bike lanes, even the unprotected ones do provide a level of safety to bikers.

    and bikes rock!!

  4. To all

    as an auto commuter, this is terrible news!!

    Columbus and Amsterdam Aves are way better N/S arteries than Broadway. Now they're going to get congested :(

  5. CB7 member

    Several major items need to be corrected in the article above. DOT approached the transportation committee at CB7 asking for a proposal for bike lanes in the community district. It was the Transportation Committee who decided to explore bike lanes along Amsterdam and Columbus. Further the resolution passed 28-7 by CB7's full board is not identical to the language that emerged out of committee and you see posted on the CB7 website. The appropriate language is copied below:

    Protected bike lanes have brought measurable safety improvements to other neighborhoods in Manhattan.

    Many members of the Upper West Side public, business community, and elected officials have all expressed support for protected bike lanes in petitions, surveys, letters, and public testimony.

    Community Board 7 wishes to encourage safe responsible cycling in, to, and from this district.

    THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT Community Board 7/Manhattan supports the Department of Transportation's initiative to create protected bike lanes and requests that DOT prepare a proposal for Class 1 protected bike lanes on Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue (including information on projected impacts on: bike safety, pedestrian safety, business operations and interests, parking, truck traffic etc.) that would be subject to review and comment by Community Board 7.

  6. Ouch, Bwog, ouch.

    The CB7 just shot. you. down.

    You know what happens when you assume.

  7. Lydia DePillis

    Huzzah! Sadly a couple years late, but I'll take it.

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