1. yeah

    Since we all know they're pledging a frat, it's not actually embarrassing at all. In fact, it's totally socially acceptable, which defeats the purpose. They need to get a little more creative on 114th and show us some REAL humiliation.

  2. haha  

    they also came to the quad and serenaded the barnard girls with aretha franklin

  3. Harmony Hunter  

    where's harmony?

  4. Harmony Hunter Hunter  

    hello. How do I find Harmony Hunter?

  5. Harmony Hunter Found  

    Look for the guy with a large building shoved up his ass.

  6. What

    is the deal with the protesters currently outside of columbia???

  7. what  

    are they protesting?

  8. bwaha  

    i wish i were as witty as you guys

  9. love it  

    A+++++ would reply again

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