AskBwog: What is Canadian Thanksgiving?

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While we’re down here celebrating Columbus’s discovery of the New World and decrying the subsequent effects on indigenous people, our neighbors to the North are celebrating something a little different. No, Ithaca didn’t get a Chipotle yet… it’s Canadian Thanksgiving!

Every second Monday of October since 1957, Canadians have been gathering ’round to give thanks to the harvest of the year before. Although the official declaration by the Canadian Parliament stipulated that the day was to be a day of “Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed,” today many observe it as a secular holiday.

And yes, Canadians do eat turkey on Thanksgiving, and the Canadian Football League holds a Thanksgiving Day Classic as well. Many who observe this holiday speak English and bring their families together, and it can only be surmised that the color palette of the whole day is a mix of orange, brown, and mustard yellow.

So there isn’t much of a difference between American and Canadian Thanksgiving, eh? Nope… we’re just assuming one is aboot a few degrees cooler (in Celsius, of course).

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  1. little known facts  

    about Canadian football: the field is quite a bit wider than in American football, there is one extra player per team, and there are only 3 downs

  2. irrelevant fact  

    Canada is amazing! =D

  3. Ms. Canada  

    Since American thanksgiving is in November, it's actually quite a bit chillier here than in Canada.

    The leaves look so beautiful there this time of year, though. Imagine Vermont and then add the pristine beauty of the thousands of lakes which dot the Canadian shield.

    How wonderful. I miss home. Terre de nos aieux, n'est pas?

  4. Canadian126  

    Canadian Thanksgiving ftw! I miss Canada

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