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It’s Columbus Day, and what better way to celebrate the holiday that’s an I and an A off from our Alma Mater than getting free stuff? Head over to Low Plaza from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. for a free dinosaur barbeque put on by CU College Republicans.

Whatever your political stance is on Columbus Day or otherwise… free food is free food!

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  1. no thank you  

    that dinosaur is glazed with the tears of unborn children, teabaggers, and rationed medicare recipients.

    (it's a joke. don't flame me!)

  2. Just like to point out...  

    that this event is the vestige of the good ol' days when the CUCR made less of an effort to cloak its offensiveness. Their Columbus Day event has always been a protest against the revisionist attempt to recognize the exploitation of indigenous peoples that colonialism has cause. I just wanted to make sure that subtlety isn't lost on anyone. So, grab your Dinosaur BBQ and join the CUCR in insuring that we don't think critically about the colonial roots of this country and the damaging legacy that remains from the that era.

    • appreciation  

      As a hipster, I am torn between my self-identification with marginalized, colonized cultures and my disinterested appreciation of irony. I must now stare at my computer screen in angst.

  3. i miss the good old days

    when I didn't know what colonialism was and I thanked Columbus for discovering America and giving me a day off school. Sure, sure, I'm more aware now. But I could really use that long weekend.

  4. CUCR alum

    I remember the good old days when we actually used the grills & didn't have a bunch of money to just buy Dinosaur & eat it outside!

  5. I wish

    this post was actually about dinosaurs..

  6. Well that was also before  

    people had to do a 4 hour CU training course to operate a BBQ on campus.

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