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Comptroller William Thompson learns it may be even more difficult to defeat Mayor Mike Bloomberg. (Times)

You might find the subway moving more slowly today. (NY1)

Mob killer: No one told me prison life would be hard! (Daily News)

Packed schedule keeping you from watching TV? Try the Internet! It’s eight minutes shorter! (Spectator)

Second suspect arrested in attack on a gay man in Queens. (1010 WINS)

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  1. ALERT

    Hey Bwog!! Columbia Biomedical Engineering dept (led by one of the most awesome professors ever) grew a jaw bone!!


  2. Aha

    (reading the subway headline), so that's why the subway service was so horrible in the afternoon. That's why the local train to which I needed to transfer left the station the moment the express train on which I was on arrived at the station, and why the next train came a full 15 minutes later, and why I wound up, 15 minutes later, wedged between people in a subway car where there wasn't even enough room to stand-- and ultimately, that's why I was in point blank range when a fellow traveler coughed right in my direction. Most readers probably don't use the subway quite that often, but I say enough of these appalling antics. If the mayor had any sense of duty he would fire these buffoons-- who nearly paralyzed the city right before Christmas in '04 with their system-wide strike-- and ensure that the city's central arteries are not compromised again by their antics.

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