The Jawbone Is Connected to The…Stem Cells

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It’s only a small step towards a brave new world of medicine, but scientists in Columbia’s Biomedical Engineering Department, led by Professor Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, have successfully created part of a jaw joint from stem cells.

The scientists say that the joint (at right) is the first “complex, anatomically-sized bone” created using stem cells, and will create new ways for scientists to treat joint disorders, and repair various skeletal problems.Vunjak-Novakovic said, “We thought the jawbone would be the most rigorous test of our technique; if you can make this, you can make any shape.

Plus, even a stem cell bone is significantly less weird than a snake with a hand

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  1. Crazy Diamond  


  2. am i the only one  

    who is utterly grossed out by the porousness and what looks like tiny hairs on this?
    utterly irrational, but still, a gut reaction.

  3. Charlotte  

    Yea, SEAS!!!!

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