Vampire Weekend Recommends Horchata

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Horchata is really good, apparently. Or so you might think after listening to the newest single from Columbia alums Vampire Weekend, off their second album Contra. Word on the street is that the album (dropping in January 2010) is the heavy favorite for “most formulaic Stuff White People Like Post of the Year.”

Bwog has only ever imbibed Horchata-flavored mixers, but if the taste of Horchata doesn’t remind you of when the weather was nice, the song also contains plenty of references to beaches, sandals, and palm trees to aid you in your quest for summer nostalgia.

Listen below (track via Vampire Weekend’s website)

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  1. testimonial  

    horchata (the beverage) is unbelievably delicious.

  2. old news  

    The new single was announced on pitchfork at least a week ago.

  3. horchata  

    is absolutely delicious. If you like things that are very, very sweet.

    orxata, on the other hand (the spanish version), is not absolutely delicious. in fact, I would call it blah.

    that is all I have to say about this matter.

  4. Bwog  

    I have never really liked Vampire Weekend (maybe my jeans aren't skinny enough?) but I do have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with your use of technology in this post. I like that I just had to press play without going anywhere. Well done.

  5. oh my gorsh  

    i think i actually loves it!

  6. kekekeke  

    I like this song, but isn't it kind of late to be posting about this...

  7. cool music player

    crummy track

  8. easily impressed  

    I, too, am impressed by bwog's ability to copy/paste the "embed" code from vampire weekend's website. Actually, they've embedded youtube videos before--having just the audio is a step down.

    And speaking of vampire weekend's website, your link to it is broken. Win some, lose some.

  9. whoa these dudes are like

    well traveled and stuff and they love to hang out with brown people and name drop their cultural shit.

  10. damn  

    didn't know u guys were a 'mp3 blog'

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