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In our latest installment of “In Defense Of…”, Nikhita Mahtani takes on the haters of The Nexus/Vagelos Center/Diana’s new color scheme.

Barnard’s new student center has been in the making for a long time now. Every semester, Barnard students wait for the incessant banging in the Quad to stop and the walkway between Altschul and Milbank to open, so they can sleep in for five more minutes every morning. Finally, the wait is over, and the inappropriately nicknamed Vag has started showing some signs of completion. But Barnard students are far from happy. 

Unlike the picturesque Alfred Lerner Hall, with its big glass windows and neutral colors, the Vag decides to be a bit more… well, unique in its approach. According to the renderings on Barnard’s website, the Vag will have dull peach/orange colored windows, and the inside will have a multitude of red and orange chairs to ‘complement’ the outside. A mixture of dull and bright reds, coupled with the bright yellow tube lights they have decided to put in, will definitely give all Barnard students the vision of entering the 70’s, complete with hip colors and groovy disco ball themed effects. Not something you want when entering a student center… or is it?

Yes, the colors might be too much and the lighting might be too strong, but the Vag has something that Lerner doesn’t – a personality. For students trying to study at the Vag, falling asleep will be just about impossible; there’s simply no way you could drift into dreamland with those bright lights and colors staring at you in the face.  Imagine how much money you’ll save on coffee and Red Bull!

Plus, the Vag’s garish appearance will make it stand out to all manner of passersby.  No more will you have to worry about Barnard being unnoticed, BC students – you can’t miss that campus with the big red building overlooking Broadway, especially when it’s opposite those dreary, (gasp!) gray Columbia buildings.  How unoriginal, no?  Naturally, whether this attention will be good has yet to be determined, but let’s take what we can get; we can surely all agree that there’s truly nothing that catches the eye like the stately combination of orange, peach, and red.

Finally, however odd or mismatched it may seem, the Vag does at least one thing right with its color scheme. Yes, its chairs are extremely red, and yes, it is generally way too bright. But consider this – at least it isn’t pink. Think of a women’s college, and what color patterns come to mind?  Feminine ones, like pale lavender or bright pink, of course. We have to hand it to the Vag for stepping bravely away from this stereotype, instead giving us a bright, cheerful gathering place that’s equally appealing (or offensive) to all genders. Sure, it might take you a few trips and a couple of pairs of sunglasses to enjoy it, but who knows—in the end, you might find that going to the Vag is just “peachy!”

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  1. except for  

    1. lerner aint picturesque

    2. i wouldnt have minded a lavender student center.

    3. just kidding on 2, not at all on 1

  2. ewww  

    no one wants a rusty vag

  3. I'll take it!  

    "vision of entering the 70’s", warm and bright color scheme, a personality -- this sounds like a *good* student center.
    And Lerner is indeed *not* "picturesque". Lerner also sucks.

  4. transformers?  

    buildings dont have personalities. this leaves me to believe that this building is actually a transformer, and will destroy us all.

  5. aesthete  

    With the Vag on one side of B'way, and the NW Science Bldg on the other, it's hard to decide which is the least offensive side of the street to walk on.

  6. wait for it . . .

    i'm hungry.

  7. major error  

    I haven't even finished reading the article yet, but I am 100% sure that the building was never called nor will ever be called "The Vagelos Center." It will be called the Diana Center. That is a huge mistake, Bwog.

  8. terrible  

    This is completely unconvincing. I still think the Vag is a total eyesore. It doesn't blend nicely with the bricks, it stands out like a tremendous boil; plus, from the perspective of campus, its backdrop is actually the surrounding greenery, not the bricks of other buildings. They could easily have picked a nice pastel blue or green for the windows.

  9. this article aside

    i think the building design is modern and beautiful. and i like how the color matches the bricks of the old buildings while still maintaining a 21st century feel. crucify me if you want, at least my comment doesn't sound like it was written by a crotchety old grandpa talking about "the good ole days".

  10. lerner is pretty bad, but  

    the vag is worse. cause its orange.

  11. Uhhh...Bwog

    What's with the Spec's website? Is the paper no longer accessible over the Internet?

  12. oh no

    i go to barnard i have to graduate in columbia's gym hahahahah sucks to be you losers, columbia wanna bes

  13. Better than Lerner

    Let's just admit it: Lerner sucks. Even with the bright colors (which seem okay to me), the Diana is probably going to be better. At least its architects weren't on crack...

    • More importantly

      The Barnard Administration actually solicited student feedback on the design, and then *gasp* implemented it, instead of brushing it aside as if it doesn't matter.

      What a concept!!

  14. Disgusted  

    Barnard has invested all this time and money into creating something that looks like a relic from the 70s...like the rest of the inside of their buildings..

    The nikcname is also just vulgar.

  15. BC12  

    This is a terrible defense. I am disappointed, Bwog.

  16. Wait a minute...

    This is the Vag? I seriously thought is was supposed to be a Barnard chick lying spread eagle for the next hundred years.

  17. Also

    The renderings of the Vag on its website are way better than the renderings of Lerner...


    Yup, still cold and soulless.

  18. Lerner  

    has a personality, it's just an awful one.

  19. alum

    ok, this one is actually worse than the Vag and NW Science...


  20. immature

    hahaha the vag is pink

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