Be Drunk at A Football Game For Once (And Other Free Stuff)

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It’s a Saturday, and at a lot of schools across the country, that means football. And this week, there’s a ton of free food up at 218th Street, where Columbia is about to take on Penn in about an hour. 

But just as more important than free food is free beer! Especially when there’s lots of it! Yep, seniors who get there before the 1:30 p.m. kickoff are entitled to four drinks per hour. Shuttle buses are already leaving the 116th Street gates.

Also, for those who can’t attend, watch Bwog’s Twitter feed for score updates throughout the game.

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  1. darn

    all the snarky commenters must be at the game...

  2. ~Sigh~

    So much for hoping to have a good team this year. We couldn't hold on to a lead...again. And it looks like our QB is nothing special: three interceptions for goodness sake.

  3. this was  

    a shitshow...

    but the best show

  4. umm...

    There is always free beer for anyone over 21 at home games. Today isn't that special.

  5. pena-mora  

    dean pena mora is awesome! and free engineering scarves... very nice... and finally the councils stepped up to give us lots of free food and beer! woooooo

  6. 2010'er  

    Look! It's Jonny Maimon! He's sooooo cute.

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