Bwog Wants Your Camera (And You)

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You may notice that most of our posts involve photos of one sort or another. In the past, Bwog’s been content to draw on the resources of first Google Image Search and later (upon learning of a strange term known as “copyright”) Flickr.

But not everything postable has had the good graces to be preserved on Creative Commons, so we’re looking to bring on board a few photographers interested in covering both breaking stories, and creating a Flickr catalog of the many landmarks around campus. Those interested can drop us an email to [email protected], and feel free to include a few samples of past work.

– The Bwog Staff



  1. suggestion

    Well, there already exists a Bwog group on Flickr. If people want their photos to appear on Bwog could they not put them in the group? You could modify the group description to let everyone know that you reserve the right to publish group photos here.

  2. Another way  

    would be to have people with Flickr accounts just tag their photos with "Bwog" so you can find photos that way, like Gothamist.

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