Sports Roundup: Rough Homecoming

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Yesterday’s Columbia-Penn Homecoming game wasn’t exactly pretty: the teams combined for eight fumbles and six interceptions in the visitors’ 27-13 victory. Quarterback M.A. Olawale showed flashes of brilliance—completing 14 of 26 passes for 192 yards and two touchdowns (one each to receiver Austin Knowlin and tight end Andrew Kennedy)—but was responsible for six turnovers of his own.

The Lions came out of the gate looking strong, taking a 13-7 lead, but couldn’t keep up the pressure. The Quakers scored the game’s next and last 20 points, putting things out of reach with two field goals in the fourth quarter. Our boys in blue had their strong moments—Knowlin led all receivers with five catches for 109 yards, the defense forced three fumbles and picked off two passes, and defensive end Lou Miller had 10 tackles (five for a loss) and two and a half sacks—but the Lions will have to rein in the mistakes when they travel to Dartmouth next week.

     Otherwise, Columbia had a weekend of mixed athletic success. The volleyball team led off with a victory Friday over Brown, and Saturday, senior Ellie Thomas broke Columbia’s career digs record in a close loss to Yale. At Princeton, men’s soccer fell, 3-0, while the women’s team clawed to a nil-nil draw. Off in Terre Haute, Indiana, the men’s cross country team finished a solid 12th of 35 teams at the 2009 Pre-National Invitational, while the women’s team finished 22nd. Women’s golf holds the weekend’s last chance for a Columbia victory: they lead Harvard by six strokes through the first of two rounds at the Lehigh Invitational.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hmm yes, a lot of turnovers, but nonetheless a very exciting game! It's always a blast to get together and cheer (or more appropriately, ROAR) at the top of your lungs for Columbia, especially when there's free pizza and t-shirts on the side :)

  2. Wait 'til Bball starts...

    Six turnovers? If you go by NFL QB rating calculation, Milli went 63.8. Just terrible.

  3. Columbia Rowing  

    is again neglected...
    They racing at the Head of the Charles in Boston today.

  4. butterfingers

    Turnovers cost us that game pure and simple. Turnovers in Columbia territory (including 2 or 3 in the red zone) led directly to 17 Penn points. Columbia also turned over the ball in Penn's red zone. Even leaving the team's atrocious efforts at establishing a running game, this is a game the Lions should have won just by not fumbling the ball.

  5. ...  

    does anyone know how long it's been since we won a homecoming game?

  6. Columbia has...  

    some of the stupidest football fans ever.

    Protip for future classes: DON'T CHEER WHILE OUR OFFENSE IS TRYING TO MAKE PLAYS ON THE FIELD. It makes it MUCH harder for them to score/know what the hell is going on.

    Why do you think we cheer so loud when the opposing offense is on the field? It's to throw the OTHER offense up...not ours.

  7. Lion Fan

    I'd be the last person to criticize any students who show up. Personally, I don't care when they cheer - I'd rather they cheered loudly when the opposing team is on O, but ... we need more students - let's not discourage them.

    FYI, this team is a lot better than other years for sure.

    Seems to be a hallmark of BWOG - incivil discourse.

  8. Lion Fan

    and before someone corrects me - i guess the word is uncivil, not incivil

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