They’re Ba-ack

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After almost forty-eight hours of capital-d Drama, the Spectator‘s website is back up. No noticeable changes, and both sides are still not commenting for legal reasons. 

Oh, and hi Gothamist!

UPDATE (11:30 PM): Spec‘s editors have published an “Editor’s Note”:

The Columbia Daily Spectator Web site was down from Friday, October 16th until Sunday, October 18th because a member of the staff temporarily disabled it as a way of demonstrating his disagreement with certain Spectator management policies. He has left the staff and the Web site has been restored. We are taking steps to prevent such actions in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Melissa Repko, Editor in Chief

Elizabeth Simins, Managing Editor

Julia Feldberg, Publisher

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  1. BWOG  

    tell us who won!!!

  2. No one  

    ever wins these things. Once you get a culture of intrigue and power grabs you only get the sort of people who want power - most people who actual care about writing or journalism or anything else tend to jump ship long before the actual scandal hits.

  3. Tacular  

    "We are taking steps to prevent such actions in the future."
    You mean you're preventing the underlying causes that led up to the rebellion in the first place?
    I keed, I keed.

  4. WikiCU  

    Someone needs to update WikiCU on the spectacle:


  5. We the readers won  

    because for once spec was interesting

  6. holy batcakes  

    Bwog's deleting a bunch of comments! The Spec lawyers must have gotten to them!

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