Free Food for the Clear Sighted

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doughnutsCatarACT International is offering free food at its first meeting tonight at 8.  A new organization, it seeks to “empower communities to overcome the scourge of curable blindness by helping them launch sustainable cataract reduction programs.”  Aside from helping grandmothers the world over, they promise lots of food and delicious doughnuts.  Come to EC’s second floor lounge to enjoy.

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  1. Yes!

    Glad you're back, Bwog. Thanks for all the posts today. Sorry I bitched yesterday. It's just that I missed you.

  2. Cooooool

    This is awesome! I was born with cataracts and had them removed at shortly after birth. Thankfully I can see, but many still can't. And the surgery is easy and cheap (for most). Not that any of you seem to give a damn...

  3. who are you?

    come to our meetings!

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