A Particularly Filthy Aristocrat

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We’ve got it straight from the horse’s mouth; according to Bacchanal co-President Alex Kirk, Bob Saget will perform at Miller Theater on November 11th, just for you! Other tipsters say that the performance will be for students only, meaning you might actually get a seat at this one. The cost (if any) of tickets has yet to be decided. 

Who’s Bob Saget, you ask? Former host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, cast member of Full House, dirty stand-up extraordinaire, and, most importantly, the subject of this song:


Strange homages aside, we’re down, as long as there’s more to the routine than show business acts.

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  1. it's pretty  

    funny when you first realize the dad from full house tells fuck jokes but it gets old when you realize that about the extent of his sense of humor

  2. Uncle Jesse  

    And what do you call the act?

  3. zomgzorz  

    can't wait
    bob saget on the aristocrats was hilarz

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