Free Food Part Deux

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The second round of free food opportunities hits two very different careers. Right now, until 9, in Lerner 568, the Pre-Law Society is hosting a pizza study break for “those already committed to law school and those who just want to find out more,” plus those who just want to take the free pizza.

And when that’s over, celebrate the launch of Windows 7 with the Association for Computing Machinery. They’ll be hosting a “study break and Windows 7 Party” on Lerner Ramps from 9-10. Hey, maybe this version’s worth celebrating.

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  1. Dear Bwog,

    God hates the Dodgers.


    Please Discuss

  2. James Franco


  3. Mac Antichrist  

    I'd like to know where CU IT is hiding all the Windows 7's we supposedly get for free? http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/academic/dd861349.aspx

  4. Queer Power  

    There has been free food in the GS lounge this week... But the real excitement was this conversation overheard today:

    GS guy #1 (to GS guy #2): Yeah, I support gay marriage. That way they stick together and leave us normal people alone.

    You go, GS. You bring so many good things to this campus.

  5. YES  

    windows 7 rocks. best of vista (really just the look/file structure) + best of windows xp.

  6. sieben  

    I've had Windows 7 for a few weeks now, and it's a lot more intuitive than both Vista and XP. Yes, it resembles Mac OS in a few ways, but actually has a smoother interface in a lot of ways, and automatically organizes your media in a pretty sick way. furthermore it can run Google Chrome so suck it.

  7. Windows XP SP3 forever!  


  8. Anonymous

    The whole pc copying mac stuff is silly really. Windows had a "dock" long before mac ever did. Windows 1.0: http://blogs.msdn.com/blogfiles/e7/WindowsLiveWriter/HappyAnniversaryWindowsontheEvolutionoft_1365F/clip_image002_2.jpg


    Anyways,Windows 7 is pretty great. It just works. The new taskbar is amazing too, Aero peek especially.

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