1. oh no!  

    Blood on the lawn! Another reason for the administration to red flag the lawns.

  2. sparce reporting  

    care to elaborate bwog? how do u get injured in frisbee? broken bones, bloody nose?
    maybe ask some1 what happened bc now i'm fucking curious.

  3. Columbians  

    When will we learn not to play frisbee with saw blades?

  4. Ultimate?  

    More like XXXtreme!!!!! Frisbee!!!!!! XXXXXX!!!!!

  5. Hard Ticket to Hawaii  

    That is a great clip...

  6. Actually  

    it was football. Frisbee left 30 minutes before. I felt quite bad for the guy. One of his friends went running past me to get help.

  7. Harmony Hunter  

    Where is this photo taken in relation to harmony? I feel like I have a class there that i haven't been going to

    any tips would be great!

  8. But  

    it is possible to get gravely injured playing frisbee. Especially if you don't know you're playing frisbee and it hits you in the face, makes your lip swell and your tongue bleed and tooth fall out. And breaks your nose. FUN SUMMER.

    But seriously I hope he's okay.

  9. Football  

    They were playing football, not Frisbee.

    • Thank you!  

      Bwog, you seem to just trying to get laughs, which is quite insensitive to the seriousness of him being carried away on a stretcher! I was "Actually" from earlier, but they still haven't changed it. I don't see how three doctors, a stretcher, and a guy on the ground is funny...

  10. Well  

    Any update on this? I hear he is still in the hospital.

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