1. so bwog,  

    how much did you get paid to run this story....

    are you our new tech PSA source?

    more about Columbia, fewer OS reviews

  2. i dunno

    i thought this post was actually pretty helpful.

  3. As students

    This is relevant information that is certainly post-worthy.

  4. yo dawg  

    unix core 4 lyfe
    fukk windoz!!!

  5. ooh

    you could do a pro/cons thing for mac, windows, and unix, and others...?

  6. Wondering  

    if Bwog plans on reviewing Karmic Koala a week from now.

  7. i heard  

    other schools are giving there students the upgrade for $10. any word of a columbia plan to do the same?

  8. napilopez

    Nice article, and honestly, everyone should upgrade.

    I wish people would stop calling the taskbar "mac-like" though, since Windows used large icons long before mac ever did, just not recently. Also, the Windows Taskbar and Dock are like, totally different at the core.

    In any case, this article doesn't highlight the most important new interface features, like Aero Snap for reading two docs at the same time, Aero peek for easy windows management(that I'm actually beginning to prefer over mac's Expose), and Desktop Preview. Vertical only maximizing and Aero shake(shake a window to minimize everything else) are nice too.

    You can revert everything back to the old school taskbar if you don't like it, you conservatives. =P

    Windows Seven made me stop using Ubuntu Linux as my primary/only OS, =O

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