Bwoglines: Oh No, Not the Vespa! Anything but the Vespa!

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Think you had a nice day? Well, this Nassau Community College Student was busy WINNING A MILLION DOLLARS. (ABC7)

Guilt, self-loathing, and red tape at the Eden that is the Park Slope Food Coop. (New York Times)

The owner of the oldest Ray’s Original/Famous/Original Famous is making her mobster family an offer they might not be able to refuse, suing for a larger chunk of the chain’s profits. (New York Post)

The city’s traffic cops are cracking down on “hipster Vespa owners.” What will this mean for all those hipster Segway-ists? (New York Post)

Overnight bomb scare in Williamsburg? Stay safe, hipster Vespa owners! (Gothamist)


Photo: www.vespausa.com

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  1. Sad Segway Enthusiast  

    Won't be a problem for Segway owners, since they are banned in New York City anyway.

  2. hahahaha  

    you guys are funny.

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