Bwoglines: Strange Times We Live In

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Thought you had a bad weekend? Not as bad as this cabbie who drove all the way to Long Island, only to be pepper sprayed by his passenger instead of paid. (NYP)

Strangeness occurred downtown as street-level billboards were painted over by artists in an attempt to question their legality, only to be repainted with ads hours later. (NYT)

Start saving up those bottled waters, because starting this Saturday, you can get a nickel back for each bottle you return to a store or redemption center. (Gothamist)

Only in Manhattan is it reasonable to ask the question of which is more precious: a place to park, or a place to live? (Spec)

And finally, not only are Columbia students great at poking fun at pop culture in tune, turns out they’re not too bad at laying down beats about journalistic ethics. (Gawker)

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