Free Pizza on SEAS, Cheap Falafel on Amir

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SEAS Classes of 2011 and 2012, be sure to join Dean Peña-Mora in Carleton Lounge in Mudd at 8:00pm tonight for an opportunity to meet him while grubbing on free pizza and drinks. Maybe even get his take on the swim test.

And for the rest of us, Amir’s on 114th and Broadway is having a special 2 for $1 “Falafel Bite” tonight. How big is a bite? It’s $1, who cares!

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  1. awww  

    both new deans for cc and seas seem really cool

  2. Amir's

    I wouldn't eat that crap for free

  3. BWOG  

    please report on the apparently real fire alarm in McBain

  4. Chronic Masticator  

    So basically they mean two whole falafels for a dollar.

  5. Why  

    is Amir's still around? The food is poop-tastic.

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