QuickTix: The Decline of Opera

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It’s an alternate Wednesday! That means an update from the TIC on what performances are striking Columbia’s fancy these days.  Here are your top 5:

5. The Age of Iron. Shakespeare meets the Trojan War – what could be better?

4. The Met Opera’s “Faust.”

3. The Lion King, down from it’s #1 spot.

2. CuCu Diamantes’ Halloween Debauchery Cabaret.

1. Last week’s Latino Heritage Month Showcase, titled “Move if Ya Wanna.”

If you’re thinking that Halloween, debauchery, and cabaret should go together more often, get moving to the box office for tickets to the show tomorrow – they’re FREE! Most of the TIC’s other cheap picks are at the Met Opera – choose from “Figaro,” “Tales of Hoffman,” and “Turandot” for under $30 each.

The TIC sadly informs us that Met Opera ticket sales have sharply declined in recent weeks. Is the Core leaking class as the semester sails by? Or have we simply hit that great hidden iceberg they call “midterms”?


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  1. Actually  

    the Metropolitan Opera is not currently playing "Faust," it's called "The Damnation of Faust" and is by Berlioz. "Faust" is an entirely different opera by a different composer.

  2. Harmony Hunter Hunter  

    WHO THE FUCK IS HARMONY HUNTER. this is so ridiculous. makes me so angry. i am going to fucking kill her/him.

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