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There’s preaching on the steps!

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The Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the Bible Fellowship have teamed up for a day of sermons, discussion, and performances.  Bwog received some free literature, but alas–it burned the skin right off our hands.

We probably deserve it.

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  1. Oh God  

    They're having a Jesus week preview? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. athiest

    Stop making fun of them. They may irk you (they certainly annoy me), but they have as much of a right be on Low Steps as any other student group on campus. Freedom of belief (or non-belief) and opinion, yo.

    • atheist  

      yo, realize that making fun of them is certainly not trampling over their freedom of whatever...and unknot your panties already. you're eyes are beginning to water, yo

    • Ahem  

      I have read your response and taken your criticisms to heart. Let me try this again then.

      Oh God, the Jesus-lovers are coming to town! And they're making a list - checking them twice! We need to burn them in hell before they burn us!!! Destroy religion! Get out the CAVA Death Van! Viva la Communism!

  3. aroydee  

    Much better!

    But you left out the part that they are just downright obnoxious, annoying and silly looking! (Especially the woman who have wayyyyy too much information about her relationship with her father!)

  4. ugh

    Believe in your delusions if you wish, just keep them to yourself!

  5. haha  

    i can't believe a sizable portion of the population believes in a zombie space jew

  6. but  

    how could any rational person not believe in the zombie space jew?

  7. ...  

    the gays got their balloons sheared, yet the fundies seem to have escaped from their day in the sun completely intact...


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