The Creepiest Pumpkin of Them All

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For all your pumpkin carving needs this weekend, Bwog presents “The PrezBo” stencil.

prezbo stencil

Click for a large version.

Bwog’s Resident Pumpkin Disemboweler Jon Hill says: Print out the stencil, tape it to a (real) pumpkin, and trace the face onto the pumpkin surface by perforating the black shapes’ edges with a carving knife. Then, remove the paper and carve out the traced areas. 

Warning: Do not place a wig on your finished Lee-O-Lantern; it may frighten the children.

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  1. bobo  

    PrezBo pops his collar?

  2. FRIST!  

    One Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark Period Stop Dot One O!ne!

  3. 007

    pucker his lips a little more and that pumpkin stencil looks like daniel craig.

  4. fan  

    YES! Prezbo stencil = awesome!!!

  5. nice  

    I really want to see someone try this. And more importantly, succeed.

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