Bwoglines: Forgetting Something?

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When writing a whole column about ROTC at Ivy League schools, do not mention Columbia’s survey last fall. (Times)

Despondent over lack of dates? Manhattan’s 50% single! (Post)

Did you know leaving confidential House ethics reports on easily accessible file-sharing networks might lead to someone finding it? (Washington Post)

NASA is exposing squirrel monkeys (pictured) to radiation as preparation for Mars mission. But they’re so cuuuuute! (Post)

“Why, my daughter’s class will love this alligator I’ve brought for show and tell. Now, where is it?” (Daily News)

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  1. tell  

    me about our survey last year.

  2. Rajat Roy

    SEAS voted in favor of the Naval ROTC coming to Columbia. GS did the same.

    BC and CC voted against by small margins (though all the margins were very small.)

    The fact that of the 4000+ votes cast, 2000+ were discarded is still disturbing. Another instance of a CUIT / Council Leader screw up

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