Bwoglines: Those Silly Politicians (and the Marathon)

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While you’re sleeping off Halloween, 40,000 brave humans are running the New York City Marathon. Here’s what you’re missing, minus the shin splints. (New York Times)

From the Fake Street Cred Department: this chic East Village hotel has commissioned a graffiti mural, because that’s what street art is all about. (NYPost)

Al Sharpton’s ex-wife and daughter were arrested for something like road rage in the neighborhood last night, and Al (on Twitter, natch) is calling foul. (NYPost)

It’s tough to pretend Tuesday’s mayoral election will be, you know, a real election when nobody knows challenger William Thompson’s name. (NY Daily News)

Harlem Congressman Charles Rangel, famous for refusing to abide by everyone else’s tax laws, has been knighted. In Jamaica. (NYPost)

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