True Life: I’ve Only Got a Buck

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There isn’t much of it in Morningside, but believe it; there really is food out there for just 1$. We’re not talking candy, fruit, teeny baked goods, or a single piece of popcorn shrimp either. Bwog combed through the dozens of pretenders (including City Room) who claim to possess the ultimate list to bring you the one and only Guide to Eating On One and Only One Dollar in Manhattan.

Falafel smaller than Amir’s, but tasty with ample veggies at Cinderella (2nd Ave. btw. St. Marks & 7th)

Pickles from the experts at Guss’ Pickles, two for 1$ (Orchard btw. Grand & Broom)

Tofu squares packed with flavor at May’s Place (2nd Ave btw. St. Mark’s & 7th)

Hot Dogs at Papaya Dog (corner of 14th & 1st Ave), Mike’s Papaya (Reade St. btw. Broadway & Church) and Jumbo Hot Dog has a six inch frankfurter without condiments still for 99 cents (corner of Canal & Broadway)

Meat on a Stick (above): The guy might be wearing a gas mask, but Bwog guarantees it’s safe to eat at least 50% of the time. Choose from Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Tofu, and the un-recommended Fish Ball. Corn and Sweet Potato are excellent, but just outside the 1$ range (under the Manhattan Bridge, Forsyth and Division St.)

Pizza: As far as we can tell, the legend began behind Port Authority with the mildly grungy 99 Cent Pizza (9th Avenue btw. 41st & 42nd) not to be confused with 99c Fresh Pizza (43rd btw. Lex & 3rd) behind Grand Central. Z Deli (8th Ave btw. 48th & 49th) and Prince (3rd Ave btw. 43rd & 44th) have opened up as competitors to these two, while 2 Bros Pizza has taken over the downtown market, now at two locations (original at St. Marks Place btw. 2nd and 3rd, now also at 6th Ave btw 17th &18th).

FroYo, Steamed Pork Buns, Fried Chicken, and Dumplings after the jump.

FroYo at weigh-it-yourself places like Yogurt Station (St. Marks btw. 2nd & 3rd) and 16 Handles (2nd Ave btw. 9th & 10th)

Steamed Pork Buns and other savory buns are 80 cents at Mei Li Wah (Bayard st. btw. Mott & Elizabeth) and Tai Pan Bakery (Canal btw. Mott & Mulberry)

Fried Chicken: Well, at least a drumstick, thigh or riblet for 1$ at Piece of Chicken (45th btw. 8th & 9th Ave). Various other soul food items and pieces of chicken are between 1.25$ and 4$.

Dumplings: A handful for a dollar all over the Lower East Side and Chinatown. Find pork and chive dumplings 4/1$ at the well-reviewed Vanessa’s Dumplings (14th street btw. 2nd & 3rd and Eldridge btw. Broom and Grand), 5/1$ at Prosperity Dumpling (Eldridge btw. Canal & Hester) 3/1$ at Good Dumpling (Grand btw. Elizabeth & Mott) and 5/1$ at both Fried Dumpling (Allen btw. Delancey and Broom, you’ve eaten there drunk after a concert at Bowery) and at the appropriately named Dumpling (Henry btw. Catherine and Market). Yes, there are more 1$ dumpling joints to be found, but these six well-blogged establishments should tide you over. Happy snacking!


  1. Unfortunately  

    we have to pay 4.50 in subway fares to get to any of these places.

  2. yum  

    sixteen handles is AMAZING. Also, what about SliceBun? Last time I was there the pizza was only a dollar, and it's in the 120s on Amsterdam.

  3. Anonymous  

    best post of the year, Bwog. i was worried about you.

  4. why?

    If we only have $1 how do you expect us to get to any of these places?

  5. at least 50, huh  

    they're wearing gas masks in order not to risk their lives and skewer massive amounts kebabs for bourgie touristing chumps like you.

    god, bwog is shit these days. no respect.

    • Hey, Comrade  

      I doubt Bwog is involved in a capitalist conspiracy to downplay the workplace dangers of Chinese immigrant workers. And I REALLY doubt you've ever eaten said meat on a stick - it's pretty hit and miss.
      Hop a subway to Chinatown before attempting to speak for the masses. And spell "bougie" correctly.

  6. Yogurtland  


  7. moo  

    helpful post, thanks! :D

  8. Harmony Hunter

    where's harmony.

  9. Harmony Hunter Hunter  

    this isn't even clever. just stop- not funny, and quite annoying. also i'ma shoot an arrow through your neck.

    btw those dumblings are bomb, had them last year. so tasty in my mouth

  10. jesus  

    it's called a bike you lazy asses

  11. Now this is

    some fuckin service journalism

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