Seven More Months and We’re Kicking You Out

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Seniors, you have until 6:00 PM today to trudge up the steps to Low and fill out your degree application. 

We’re told you can’t graduate if you don’t visit.  Or, you could fill out a form.

Too lazy to make the trip?  Think of it this way: this will probably be the last opportunity you’ll have to go inside the Rotunda.

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  1. Liars  

    We have until December 1st.

    Look under "Application Deadlines"

  2. a river in egypt  

    damn it bwog stop reminding us how little time is left

  3. it was cute  

    I like these senior events. I get to interact with people I haven't seen since freshman year.

  4. plus

    you'll probably have at least a couple senior week/senior dinner/etc type events in there toward the end of the year and who knows how many events between now and may

  5. Do 1 More Year

    Whatever you do...don't graduate! There are no jobs in the real world! Fear the real world!

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