1. uhhh  

    megabyte bwog... not megabit.

    this is also a retarded test. fluctuations are too hard to test for? they're HUGE during peak usage times.

    poor job.

  2. hmmm

    yes, bow to yale, but to get that fast of a connection you'd have to be in new haven, rendering your computer completely useless due to it being covered in vomit and tears.

  3. we get  

    10 Mbps = megaBIT per second

  4. Anish  

    My bad. It was correct on the graph, though!

  5. Ron  

    This is really interesting, but I would encourage you to try and get your friends to re-run the tests at various times/dates. Perhaps make a google spreadsheet for input of this data and we can take the peak throughputs people put in...

  6. ron  

    Also, make sure their ethernet jacks are not limited to 10Mbps!!

  7. i'm  

    not smart enough to know this, but is there a tangible difference to 93mbps internet from say 50? Doesn't it mostly depend upon the server you're downloading from?

    How much better is it to have Yale's internet?

  8. ...

    it's not that hard to find these things out... looks like there's 10gbit pipe + a 1gbit pipe. (probably for redudancy)

    of course i'm sure they do some sort of traffic shaping.

    and there's nysernet, which is "internet2" which probably sees little traffic because it has little to do with pornography, facebook or illicit acquisition of copyrighted media.

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