Free Food: Miracle on 113th Street

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If the New York Times had it right, the McBain first floor lounge will resound this afternoon with the threefold cry of “oh, oh, oh,” whereupon its occupiers will become “literally like wild animals, tearing apart everything on the table.”

No, this is not a demonstration of what life would be like without the Core – it’s a free Miracle Fruit Tasting Party, hosted today from 4-5:30pm.  In case you’ve been living under an agricultural rock, the miracle fruit (that’s its actual name) is a berry that, upon vigorous chewing, causes ordinarily sour and spicy foods to taste sweet for about an hour.  If you care about the actual science of the thing, click here; otherwise, feel free to call it magic and read on.

Tasting parties have been popping up around the city for a few years now, and the opportunity to attend one is not to be missed.  Guests will receive a single berry each, as well as a generous helping of lemon slices and other normally sour foods.  McBain, first floor lounge, 4-5:30pm; be there, or don’t expect sour things to taste sweet for an hour this afternoon.  Nope… not even a little bit sweet.

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  1. who

    who is hosting this thing?

  2. Who on  

    earth wouldn't want to taste spiciness anymore?? Weird fruit

  3. err  

    it was in broadway. reportingfail.

  4. Anonymous

    is this for real? I've been dying to try this berry ever since my brother's psych class did an experiment with Miracle Frooties from He told me all about the sweet lemons and limes. This is gonna be sweet. I'm there! Thanks for the heads up!!

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