Bwoglines: Go Ahead, Use Your Card

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A few Upper East Side restaurants–including one called One Fish Two Fish (really?!)–refuse to make deliveries 15 blocks north in East Harlem. (New York Post)

Though they complain when you whip out your debit card, cab drivers are actually growing to love the pay-by-card system. (New York Times)

Sweet justice! A man accused of plagiarizing and using 50 different email addresses in an  online debate on the Dead Sea Scrolls has been arrested. (New York Times)

Now that it’s a cool neighborhood, residents of industrial Red Hook aren’t so sure they want to continue construction of a concrete plant. (Gothamist)

Is our long national nightmare coming to a close? The city is opening swine flu vaccination centers for students between four and 24 this weekend in all five boroughs. (NY1)


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  1. In honor of Mr. Golb,  

    I shall carry on his trolling legacy.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls are not worth the scrolls they're written on! Anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi!

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