Bwoglines: Taking Some Time

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Take some time to look at this new Calvin Klein ad in SoHo and think, does it offend you? (Gothamist)

Take some time to read today’s New York Post (founded by King’s College’s own Alexander Hamilton!) …That is, while you can, given its current rate of circulation decrease. (NYT)

Firefighters took a little too much time getting to a fire in Queens due to an extremely unfortunate typo made in the fire’s address, an act that eventually resulted in the deaths of three victims. (NYP)

Even though the city is offering free swine flu vaccines to schoolchildren, fewer people are showing up than anticipated, perhaps not wanting to take time out of their busy day doing whatever it is schoolchildren do. (NYT)

And speaking of the flu and taking time, Barnard students may have to wait a little longer for seasonal flu vaccines, which are currently out-of-stock. (Spec)



  1. Calvin Klein Ad  

    is straight up sexy as fuck.

  2. cubmail

    is anyone else having problems with cubmail?? everything keeps bouncing back...

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