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RoomHopping returns! Eliza Shapiro and Claire Sabel took a trip to Hartley to watch Ally McBeal and have a cocktail with Winston Nyugen. If you have RoomHop-worthy digs, email [email protected] with a picture.

The LLC is not a place one might associate with color. Or, you know, fun. Winston Nyugen, CC’11, is both, and his decked-out Hartley single proves it.

Nyugen has turned his 129 square foot room into a mini hotel. The walls are painted in different shades of red, because “I always choose the fall fashion colors. This year they were red.” He also took advantage of a Circuit City going-out-of-business sale and bought a massive flat-screen TV, joining a Mac atop his dark wooden Ikea desk.

Almost no Columbia furniture remains in the room. Nyugen assembled Ikea bookshelves, where he keeps every book he’s read at Columbia excluding his Lit Hum texts. He also has a Bed Bath and Beyond bar, stocked with glasses for all occasions and a wine rack. Nyugen has recently started collecting different flavors of Absolut Vokda. “Pear is the best one,” he related. Empty bottles line an upper shelf.

It is easy to feel like you are somewhere other than Amsterdam Avenue in Nyugen’s room. Still, he has made sure Columbia stays close: Nyugen has filled an entire cabinet with the University of Chicago’s Great Books series—an intimidating collection of history, philosophy, and science. “It’s a testament to Columbia,” Nyugen explains.

Other precisely-placed odds and ends include an award from the mayor of Houston, Texas, Nyugen’s hometown, a collection of ballet slippers, and vases of stacked red apples, inspired by decorations from the Prada store. “They’re probably rotting,” Nyugen laughed, “We’ll just make applesauce.” Other nods to nature include a banana peel door stopper he purchased at the MoMA Design Store and a topiary azalia plant is growing under his white and gold curtains.

Why all the effort? Nyugen explains, “I used to work for Hillary for President, and I spent a lot of time living out of a suitcase and staying in other peoples’ places. So when I got a place of my own I thought, ‘I need to make this my own.’”



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  1. zomgz!  

    Scotty H is gonna read this and flip a shit if he hears there's booze in the llc.

  2. rad  

    winston and his room are AMAZING, but helfrich is going to completely lose his shit

  3. Yay!  

    Great shades of red, dude. I love it!

  4. puzzled

    where is he keeping his columbia furniture?

  5. this guy  

    must be knee deep in muff.

  6. wow  

    now, even if he paints his walls back, facilities/scott is going to know that his walls are red and will charge him the exorbitant painting fee. also yeah, dumb move with the alcohol.

  7. 5 cent deposit  

    no one said there was booze in the llc. the bottles are empty.

  8. lol  

    this guy must be a flaming gay

  9. my room  

    my room is nicer

  10. also  

    All those holes he must have put in the wall to hang his paintings and shelves are not going to sit well with housing. Still, this room looks amazing. Come decorate my room!

  11. backagain

    We're back in the news! I blame it on Rooted!

    A prominent Columbia architecture professor punched a female university employee in the face at a Harlem bar during a heated argument about race relations, cops said yesterday.

    Police busted Lionel McIntyre, 59, for assault yesterday after his bruised victim, Camille Davis, filed charges.

    McIntyre and Davis, who works as a production manager in the school's theater department, are both regulars at Toast, a popular university bar on Broadway and 125th Street, sources said.

    Read more:

  12. Ohhhh  

    Winston is just incredible!

  13. guys  

    he bought a flat screen and a full room's worth of furniture, for his dorm room; do you really think the few hundred dollar fine is going to upset him too much? i don't mean he's spoiled, i just mean he obviously has some money to burn.

  14. i mean  

    It's just kind of obnoxious to flout rules like this, really, and not too different from a guy who double-parks simply because he can afford the parking ticket.

  15. wait

    Since when was Toast in "harlem"?

  16. Barnard ResLife  

    I painted a wall in my room periwinkle blue and I got fined in advance during fall room inspections! They already added it to my account and threatened to make me move out so they could repaint it DURING the semester! I convinced them to wait until Winter Break, and will keep pushing them to hopefully wait until the end of the year. It's horrible. Do I have no rightS? They can't kick me out of the space I pay to live in!

  17. that

    is incredible. trade you my schapiro double?

  18. Psh  

    This is ridiculous. I don't care if he wants to do this to his room, but what a total idiot posting this on bwog. I hope he gets ****ed in the *** by res life.

  19. dont be silly  

    He put a lot of effort into making it feel like home, and works multiple odd jobs to be able to afford such modifications! He's not hurting anyone by decorating it, and if he's going to paint it back, what difference does it make to you.

    by the way... Happy birthday Winston!!

  20. must be an RA  

    and does his collection of ballet slippers not bother anyone? I mean are they for his guests to wear and tip-toe around him during his pear-absolute parties?

  21. WTF!?  

    Bwog, are you fucking stupid?! Why the hell would you publish this article as it is?!?!

  22. honestly though  

    The "have a cocktail" bit, it's going too far. You could have easily left out his name, Bwog.

  23. Maybe bwog...  

    should learn how to spell his last name properly.

  24. Yeahtheycan  

    Actually, they can. You signed a contract with Barnard that specifically stipulates that you have to follow the guide to living in order to remain in housing that belongs to them--which you didn't by painting your walls.
    gl with that but don't blame Barnard. learn to read fine print.

  25. Dear Winston  

    I love you. Your room is wonderful and so are you.

    Love, Hannah

  26. i just sent an email  

    to scott h about this catastrophe
    according to section 4, article 5 of the housing contract "residents shall not disfigure there rooms. This includes painting and making alterations to the original content of the room"

    Good luck winston, hope you don't get kicked out

  27. Stuff  

    1) Cool room
    2) Good luck with the housing goons.
    3) First rule about fight club...

  28. Don't Worry  

    I have it from a reliable source that Scott knew about this Bwog post long before #37 sent his email.

  29. Idiots...  

    Hey Bwog, you forgot to write his SSN on the article...

  30. PageRank!

    Bwog, do the guy a favor and at least delete his last name from the article.

    Here's a tip for WBN: I gather that you have high aspirations and thrive on attention. Nothing wrong with that, but people are probably going to laugh at you for things like name-dropping your losing campaign internship, unprompted.

    The place where you get into trouble is, as other posters have noted, the mentions of underage drinking in an article that contains your full name, class year, and resume highlights. Bwog articles usually have great pagerank. As soon as the reindex hits, this will probably be on the first page of results when searching for your name.

    Granted, underage drinking isn't a huge deal and everyone does it, I don't think it says anything about you. What would give me pause about you is that you brought your employer's name into a public display of lack of discretion.

    Also, nice room. I hope housing doesn't give you too much of a hard time.

    • I would also gather...  

      you don't actually know shit about Winston, so making an assumptions as to who he is based on a bwog article doesn't really say much about yourself either.

      Easily one of the best and hardest working people I know here at Columbia.

  31. Sorry  

    to knock you off your high horse but....

    he's not underage.

  32. fact-check

    his name is winston nguyen, not "nyugen"

  33. the one who got away  

    this brings a whole new meaning to fabulous.

  34. its  

    a pretty damn cool room though. shame columbia doesn't let us express ourselves through such mediums.

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