Bwoglines: Why So Serious?

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Leadership of CUArts shifts to the grad school – are more serious changes to come? (Spec)

Envelopes containing white powder are serious business at diplomatic missions, even when they contain 100% pure baking flour. (Gothamist)

Motives of Columbia professor who punched a fellow university affiliate still unclear. Lionel McIntyre was arrested Monday. (NY Times)

Despite some thing called the First Amendment, Justice Kennedy asks to review student newspaper’s coverage of his speech at Dalton High School before publication. (NY Times)

The NYPD begins serious crack down on subway performers. (Gothamist)



  1. Hooah  

    Bwog! McIntyre's story has made it to the top of Drudge!

    Does this mean we're going to get to see more protesters here?

  2. haha

    haha at the leader:
    "Race relations at Columbia University hit low; Prof punches white woman in face..."

  3. take your sides  

    Yo dudes I don't know about y'all but I'm getting really psyched for the race war.

  4. In Bruges

    watch re: race war scene

  5. Alum

    "Leadership of CUArts shifts to the grad school...."

    CUArts has been moved to the School of the Arts (SOA). While SOA is a graduate school, saying "the graduate school" implies GSAS.

  6. What an idiot.

    Good job Prof. McIntyre. You've only encouraged the continuance of white privilege.

  7. whoa

    you FINALLY mentioned the lionel mcintyre story. i thought you were going to puss out entirely but hey you gave it a whole sentence with a link sandwiched between two others! alright!

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