Bwoglines: Morningside Is So Much Cooler

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Suspicious substance on an NJT train?  We wouldn’t be caught dead with a ticket

Bloomberg will revive Coney Island?  Let us know when the 1 train stops there.

Free WiFi in Times Square?  Meet us at Starbucks instead, about 70 blocks north.

A race survey that offends?  We just thought the bright red text was too obnoxious to click on.

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  1. how was  

    How was bob saget?

  2. diebloomberg  

    bloomberg is a god-damn criminal and thief. he will never get on my good side, no matter what he does with coney island. everything that crook does is for the benefit of his own capitalist empire and never for the people of nyc

  3. That picture  

    made me laugh. Dirty jersey...

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