Nothing’s Too Lowbrow for an Ivy League School

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Bwog newcomer Thomas Pedroza crammed himself into Miller Theatre yesterday for a comedy performance that would make your mother blush.

bob sagetTo those of you who didn’t stop in on Bob Saget’s performance in Miller Theatre last night, you may have just missed more than a Full House joke. The evening started off with a stripper-tastic performance by Chowdah, followed by a visit from James Smith, a friend of Bob’s. He had a few good laughs for the audience, though the mention of Obama’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize seemed to raise a few eyebrows in the house. There were definite high and low points for him, but after several minutes of questionably paced comedy, the audience got some Bob.

Preceded by his own personal theme song, Bob Saget came onstage to applause and immediately got to work. His taste was poor, his timing impeccable. Without missing a beat, Bob managed to make the audience cringe, laugh, or some interesting combination of the two. His interaction with the audience, which included some of Chowdah’s performers and a certain birthday boy was a nuance that could seem a redundant transitional tool at times. However, this usually lent itself well to whatever Bob was saying (or about to say) at the moment, as did the fact that he occasionally hesitated to laugh quickly to himself.

Columbia students laughed both the obscene and the obscure, causing Saget himself to describe the house of Columbians as smart and nice. This held true into the second half of his performance, where Bob and his guitar serenaded the audience with a few songs, the content of which can only be described as unmentionables having something to do with leather, twine, and nursing homes, to name a few. Bob Saget ended his performance with arguably the finest words ever put to a Backstreet Boys song: “Danny Tanner Is Not Gay.”

Bob Saget did what he came to do, and like it or not, he did it well. His brand of comedy is inherently not suited for everyone, but luckily the majority of the audience was prepared and ready for the Saget. Dirty joke after dirty joke, Bob executed each part of his performance with skill- this is undeniable. However, the question of appreciating his style of humor is, naturally, a question of taste.

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    so much without saying anything at all. terrible bwog post, excellent CC post.

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