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Today, as many are so acutely aware, is Friday the 13th – a day often associated with bad luck. We at Bwog would like to quell your superstitions by showing you that, in fact, humanity may just be luckier today than ever before!  Take a look at these inspiring goings-on about our most fortunate of cities.

A Brooklyn teen’s passion for the simpler things in life (i.e. IHOP and Facebook) frees him from jail! (NY Post)

Columbia got you down?  For an easy getaway, why not invest in a timeshare – in Midtown! (NY Times)

Glamour Magazine presented its “Women of the Year” awards this past Wednesday – at our very own Barnard College! (Spec)

Facing record numbers of applicants, many two-year colleges throughout the city are abandoning their open admissions policies… not so lucky! (NY Times)

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