Underwater Basket Weaving, Take Two

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bulletin_coverReady or not (probably not), class registration begins tomorrow.  This usually means frantically clicking through SSOL, becoming dismayed at the slim pickings, and abandoning all hope of Art Hum for four different introductory Political Science lectures. Bwog, however, returns to bring you the best, the brightest, and the courses most likely to solicit “There is no way that is an actual course at an actual institution of higher learning” on tap for Spring 2010.

Whoa, Dude (the Keanu Reeves Courses)

Science W3920: Ignorance

Art History G8737: How Images Think

Philosophy G9525: Seminar on Vagueness

French W3628: Discovering Existence

Ways to Say “We Build Things”

Architecture A4718: Faking It

Architecture A4753: Life

Architecture A4791: Futures of the Past

General Jargonese of the 19th and 20th Century Transatlantic Academy, in Translation

Anthropology V2027: Changing East Asian Foodways

Anthropology V3978: Dialogic Imagination in Opera

Education BC2052y: Seminar in Multicultural Elementary Pedagogy

Anthropology V3937: Mass-Mediation of Modernity

Anthropology V3903: The Ethnoarchaeology of Cities

German W3675: Things Matter: Aesthetic Modernism and the Recuperation of the Everyday

Interesting People (Like, Six of Them, Who May or May Not Be That Interesting)

Art History A3885: Intellectuals, Gods, Kings, and Fishermen

Psychology BC1009: Science and Scientists

Edward Said, Smiling from the Grave

Architecture A4756: Other Design

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  1. ...  

    Just because you do not understand the essential terminology of contemporary social and cultural studies does not mean that it is "Jargonese."
    Also, even if big words like "dialogic," "mediation," "aesthetic," and "pedagogy" confound your cultivated philistinism, what could possibly be so confusing about "Changing East Asian Foodways"?

  2. !!!

    just because you don't understand the meanings of jargon doesn't mean the section *isn't* jargonese. however, i might argue that jargon has the same meaning that jargonese would: the specialized or technical language of a trade, profession, or similar group. owned, fatty.

  3. discovering existence...

    was an amazing course. Highly recommended. You study Pascal, Descartes, Camus and Sartre in the original french with Souleymane Diagne, who I can honestly say is one of the best professors at this school and an absolutely brilliant man.

  4. tsk tsk  

    Mass-Mediations of Modernity was this semester AND you already used it last semester for this same post. Stop the Anthro hate.

  5. GH

    This is my favorite post of the semester.

  6. Chill

    This was the most hilarious post all year; if people don't realize that, they've missed the whole point. And I'm an anthro major

    • tsk tsk  

      Oh I definitely agree! Which is why I want to see some new ridiculous anthro classes up there instead of the same overused ones. You must at least be a little original in your selections.

  7. why

    are the images thinking?! scary times.

  8. The word fetishized  

    Has become fetishized!!

  9. everybody, everybody  

    let's have sex.

  10. on a more serious note  

    is that \discovering existence\ course actually being offered? it's on this post but SSOL does not give it as an option. it sounds awesome.

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